Gravitas Aviation Limited is a privately held company whose management has specific expertise in the fields of DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft and seaplane airline development and operations.  The company acquires aircraft for its own operations and lease fleet needs in addition to providing clients with aircraft procurement, upgrade, lease and financing service. Gravitas also provides comprehensive business development  services for parties wishing to develop seaplane operations in both new and existing markets.

Gravitas Aviation is not an aircraft broker.  Gravitas works with aircraft brokers globally and uses its own capital to acquire aircraft, transport them back to select approved maintenance facilities for overhaul and preparation for deployment by subsequent Purchaser or Lessee operators.

Contact Details

4860 Northwood Drive, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V7S 3C6
t. 604-618-0131  
f. 604-569-2829 


Steven Earle – President

Steve was co-founder and former CEO of AirSea Lines International (Canada) Limited.   ASL was successful in developing the first scheduled service seaplane operation in the EU.  As no scheduled seaplane operations existed, this process involved the entire development of the regulatory framework, the design and operation of the physical infrastructure including aquatic aerodromes and the recruitment and training of the required human resources.  It also involved the branding and marketing of the entirely new concept to the flying public, the sourcing and acquisition of specialized aircraft and funding of the enterprise with over €25,000,000 in private equity from individual and institutional investors.

As founder and President of Gravitas Aviation Limited Steve continues the acquisition, lease and finance of DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft and, through Gravitas Aviation advisory services, the development of seaplane aviation operations on behalf of client/partners worldwide.


Cameron Earle – Administrative Manager

Cameron Earle is  a  graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s International Business Program. Cameron has worked in the aviation field having been employed by Erwin Aero, a maintenance, repair and overhaul facility based out of Airdrie, Alberta. Cameron has also worked as a customs agent for SDV logistics, a logistics and brokering firm in Richmond, British Columbia.

As Administrative Manager at Gravitas Aviation Limited Cameron’s duties include the administration of leases for compliance of terms and payments, the sales and marketing of company assets, equipment and services, and the preparation of transaction documents and agreements.