Dehavilland DHC-6-300 #696

Aircraft Description

New Garmin 600 RUAG STC
New APST57 Hardwall interior Cockpit
Concorde RG380E battery
Fresh Paint
All mandatory AD’s and SB complied with
Fresh CoA
19 Seats / commuter
Equipped for Float Operations


Total Hours: 38,240
Total Cycles: 77,837

Serial Number: 250088
Hours Remaining: 25,691
Cycles Remaining: 54,123


PCE 42436
Type: PT6A-27
Total Hours: 20,268
Total Cycles: 27,949
TSO: 2,478
TSHSI: 330

PCE PG0138
Type: PT6A-27
Total Hours: 6,972.0
Total Cycles: 11,318.0
TSO: 322
TSHSI: 1,471

Prop Specs

TSO: 322
OH Due Date: Nov-15

TSO: 322
OH Due Date: Nov-15


Garmin GTN650
Garmin G600
Bendix KN-63
Honeywell Mark VI Taws
Bendix KRA405B
Bendix KMD-540
SAM M302
Bendix ART 2000
Techisonic TFM-138B
Bendix KMA-24H-70
Kannad 406-AP
Garmin GTX 33
Bendix KR21


Manufacturer: Dehavilland

Model: DHC-6-300

Condition: Used

Serial #: 696

Total Time: 38,240